Jan 13, 2022

Thursday January 13th ~

 I would rather die of passion than of boredom...

Nothing spectacular to tell.  Sniff continues to seek 
warmth by the vents, even though it has been warmer
 these last few days.  Also, I have not taken down everything 
Christmas as yet.  I think I will keep my Christmas night light
 up permanently.  I happen to like it and that's what matters.

Actually something different did happen.  Arvid "built"
 me a bird feeder.  It didn't take much to convince
 him that it would make me happy, I'm happy.

My sister Rima, Nina and my parents all have feeders
 for the birds and when I told them of all the birds coming by
 our place, of course I was encouraged to buy a bird feeder. 
 My parents also leave food for the hummingbirds together
 with the other birds.  Rima loves her birds so they
 have feeders everywhere as well.

I'm super happy with ours, I just hope the condo 
association does not say we have to remove it,
 since Arvid screwed it into one of the trees.

Yesterday was pretty amazing weather wise.  Expecting
 more of the same today.  Some days it's hard to imagine it's
 winter, then others, oh boy, you can sure freeze to death.

You become what you believe....