Feb 4, 2022

A Cold Winter Day ~

 Sometimes nature appears in whites 
so that we can color it in our dreams...

Yesterday's snow "storm" did not stop the birds
 from showing up for foodies.  It's a good thing I
 stocked them up the day before with lots of food.

The snow did not seem to bother them one bit.  In fact there 
were so many birds, Sniff and I just could not keep up.

Also present were the deers.  Had a good time watching them
 without them knowing.  They hung around for quite some time.

They sure kept me busy for a while.

Whatever it was, they were sure eating up a storm.

Snow everywhere.  All blanketed in white.  Guess where 
we will be the next few days?  Sure ain't the beach.

Sniff is good company even though he sleeps a lot.
  To all a very good day.  The sun is shining and the 
skies are blue, it can't be that bad after all 😃.

Happiness is feeling the warm sunlight
 hitting you on a cold winter day...