Feb 17, 2022

Thursday February 17th ~

 The man is a success who has lived well, 
loved much, and laughed often...

Yesterday right after breakfast I decided to do some yard work.
  I am not the outdoor type, but if something needs to be done, then
 I will do it.  The thorny bushes have been in my path to the bird 
feeders for a long time, so I decided it was time to put the machete
 to good use.  Yup.  I did a lot of chopping.  Made me so happy.

At the same time I restocked the bird feeders.  One feeder in
 particular is empty every day.  Once again I moved it to another 
tree branch.  The squirrels seem to be getting the best of this
 particular feeder, not happy about this.  Will see how it goes.

I now have six bird feeders.  I am sure busy refilling them, but seeing
 the birds all day long makes Sniff and I happy.  I don't have my
 PR kitties here, but I have the birds.  I miss my PR kitties.

I spent a very good evening at my favorite restaurant
 in the company of a very funny woman.  Delicious 
food as always and the company was excellent.

Spider Man had to wait, but there is always today. 
 Today is not looking that great.  Lots of rain and even
 snow predicted. In Branson you never know what to expect
 from one day to another.  Yesterday was almost 70 degrees,
 and today we will hit below freezing levels ⛄

A good day to all.  Sniff is warm and happy and 
that all that matters.  He is always my happy place. 
 Meanwhile in another part of the world, someone
 is counting down the hours until he's home.

Evidence of a well lived life is
 found in those who love you...