Feb 10, 2022

Thursday February 10th ~

 Let gratitude be the pillow upon which
 you kneel to say your nightly prayer...

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it was just a little 
too warm yesterday in the sun, on the other hand it 
was also another good day to enjoy the outdoors.

The Landings is just a wonderful place to walk around. 
 Have a good meal, do a little browsing, and  of course enjoy
 the weather and people watching.  A favorite place of ours.

Someone (Sniff 😍) is having the best of days. 
 He just loves basking in the sunshine.  Sniff is
 my happy place.  Everyday.  Always.

This week has gone by way fast.  Where did it go.  
Happy day to all and happy time everyone.

Live as though life was created for you...