Feb 25, 2022

Friday February 25th ~

 If you're always trying to be normal you 
will never know how amazing you can be...

I finally caught the squirrel in the act.  In more ways 
than one, but now I know for sure it's the two of them eating 
up all the bird food.  I knew it before, but now I saw them. 
 Arvid this time was a little more lenient towards them that
 I wanted to be.  He said, "they also have to eat."  True.

Another cold and icy day awaits us her, but hopefully by
 tomorrow we will be seeing a little warm up.  That is until
 the next winter front hits us, but for now, the warm weather 
will be really appreciated. We have been so used to living
 in warm climate that all we can focus on is how cold it is.

Arvid is happy to be back homme eating "good food"
 as he keeps saying.  I guess that he did not have much 
of that in Norway, especially since he does not cook 🍕.  
Eating out is OK, but for a prolonged period it's awful.

Arvid is still a little jet lagged, but every day catching 
up a little more.  He  tired a little easier/faster these days, 
but under everything that he's been through, only natural. 
 As he says, "soon he will be in ship shape again."

To all a happy start of the weekend. The sun is peeking out 
so that is always a good sign for better things coming.

You may not control all the events that happen to you,
 but you can decide not to be reduced by them...