Feb 14, 2022

February 14th ~

 Being happy never goes out of of style..

Sharon must have felt the heaviness in my 
heart because when I woke up the first thing
 I saw were several videos of my PR kitties.   

What a beautiful way to start my week.  I saw
 Marbles, MacGyver, Milo, ShyGirl and Baby.
  The doggie is Charley.  He is Sharon’s. 

 No one has seen Rocco 😢, Mama 😢, 
Rascal 😢 nor Senior 😢 I wonder all the time. 
 Rascal and Mama were seen, but that was a 
long time ago. I hope they are OK.

 Where Sharon walks she mainly sees
 the others.  Rocco should be there also, why isn’t he?
A brand new week begins and I feel good because
 I got a glimpse of how happy my kitties are.

  MacGyver and Charley have become best buddies.
 Adorable seeing the videos of them.  MacGyver 
worships Charley. Love. Love them all.

All good at home. Sniff and I have gotten 
into a really good routine.  I like it.

Happy new week.  Happy Valentine's day everyone 
and my it be a very productive one for all of us.

Time spent happy is never wasted...