Feb 18, 2022

Friday February 18th ~

 They say a person needs just three things 
to be truly happy in this world: Someone to love,
 something to do, and something to hope for...

Yesterday we woke up to rain, but still fairly warm temperatures.
  By nightfall the temperature dropped a good 20 degrees.  
Welcome to life in Branson.  Right now it's freezing.

I was not sure the birds would come out, but when 
the rain stopped and it was just a little drizzle going on
 the birds were out in full swing.  I saw Fatboy serval times 
and so many more.  Sniff and I were as always entertained.

Talking to Arvid is always my humor for the day. 
 First thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon
 (night for him)  Now it's all about getting home and getting
 home.  But listening to the way Arvid tells it, one can't
 help but laugh.  My mom thinks he's hilarious.

It rained and rained, but in between there were
 moments of just wetness and snow flurries.  During
 one of these in between moments was when I snuck out to
 the movies.  I finally made it to see Spider Man.  Was 
a long movie, sad to say I slept through a lot of it.

I made me some hot chocolate.  It was good, 
but it somehow tastes better when Arvid is here.  He
 makes it, and he sure makes a big performance out of
 it.  I missed that performance part of it, and him saying,
 "isn't it nice how we cook together."  Yeah.  he's funny.

Today, not sure what I will do.  That darn feeder is 
empty again.  First thing will be to fill it up.  It will not 
be warming up too much today, so no plans as of yet, 
but the day just began so will see how it goes.  
Happy day to all.  Stay nice and warm.

Happiness is being weird every now and then...