Feb 28, 2022

Monday, Start of a New Week ~

 Our attitude toward life determines
 life's attitude towards us...

Last day of the month, and it is looking good. 
 Warming up nicely and expecting lots of sunshine the 
next few days.  This being Branson, I hope it does not do a
 switcheroo and before you know it we are back to freezing. 
 For now a very beautiful and warm week awaits us.

All is good with us.  I will say there are days when we
 just reminisce of Puerto Rico.  I miss the food, the drinks, 
the scenery, my sister.  I miss the kitties so much.

To all a happy day and make the most of this last day in February.

Happiness is an attitude of mind, 
born of the simple determination to be 
happy under all outward circumstances...