Feb 27, 2022

Sunday February 27th ~

 Home is the starting place of love, hope 
and dreams.” “The magic thing about home
 is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even
 better to come back.” Home is where 
love resides, memories are created...

Sunday was a little like Saturday, at least as far as 
soccer games go.  Arvid of course says it's so much better 
watching the games at home.  No matter what, no matter 
where, and no matter who, I will also agree, home is 
the best place to be.  Always good to see family, and 
friends, but it's always better when you're home.

 Yesterday it was challenging to fill the bird feeders. 
Everywhere is slick and icy.  Though I managed to
 fill them I also managed to slip and fall a couple of 🐦
 times. One of the neighbors saw we going out and 
said she would keep an eye on me just in case I fell.

 When I did fall she just happened to be looking the other
 way.  That was good. To get to the bottom of the yard,
 I usually sit and slide down the snow/ice.  I’m just happy
 I have not be poked with anything sharp on my butt 😀.

Arvid and I had a little outing yesterday evening.
  Back to “normal” again. We had a few deliciousness 
to sample.  We were happy as can be.  

Sniff is as relaxed as always. Just happy everyone
 is around and that he’s getting even more attention 😍

Happy day to all. The sun has started to melt the 
snow, this means I will be able to go walking 
again without fear of falling. Life is good 😀

Happiness is an attitude of mind,
 born of the simple determination to be
 happy under all outward circumstances...