Feb 24, 2022

February 24th ~

 When it comes to life the critical
 thing is whether you take things for 
granted or take them with gratitude...

Hail, rain, snow.  That’s what we have right now.
 Now I’m a little tired of this winter.  According to
 everyone, one of the worst winters in years. 

 So far, there has been a lot of freezing days accompanied
 by lots of snow, and it seems it’s far from over 🥶.  My birds 
still seem to be coming around, but probably the winter
 condition (snow, rain, ice) will freeze their food 🤐
 and they probably won’t be around for a little. 

Sniff’s running around Arvid.  Must have
 missed him also very much 😊  We both did.

Arvid brought back quite a few momentos from 
Norway, one of those was a collage of Brutus
 we gave to his mom many years ago.  Said it 
was one of the first things he packed away.  

Arvid also brought me back some jewelry belonging 
to his mother.  I was very touched.  It’s a pretty set,
 and I will definitely be using it.  It warmed my heart.

Whenever Arvid comes back from Norway you 
would think he’s coming back from some 🌍 obscure
 part of the world judging by the way he carries on

He comes back and right away starts looking into 
all sorts of venues with things for us to do.  One would
 seriously 🙈begin to think that suddenly he is once
 again alive after being “not alive” for a long time 

 Seeing him in high gear makes me smile, and in
 a way I’m grateful to Norway for waking him up to
 life as usual 😊. He is on a high kick of all the things
 we have to do.  Not complaining at all.  Loving it.

It’s good to have him back home with us. It’s where 
he belongs, and he has not stopped saying it and 
smiling at how happy he is to be home 😍.

 To all a very good day.  Hopefully spring is 
soon here.  Winter has gone on long enough.

Dark and grey day here, but still much better 
than what's going on in the rest of the world.  Let's
 just hope we are not looking at World War III.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring 
what you have not; remember that what 
you now have was once among the
 things you only hoped for...