Feb 19, 2022

Saturday February 19th ~

 Storms don't last forever...

Arvid to me, “I can finally see the end of the tunnel.” 
 Of course he made me laugh. Just by the way he said it. 
 But yes. Soon it’s done 😊 We’ve missed him 🤷🏻‍♀️

I had a quiet day  just a little running around,
 but most of the day was spent quietly at home. 
 Even so, the day went by a little too fast.

I wake up way too early.  But the last few days
 even earlier than usual  maybe that’s one of
 the reasons I dozed off during Spider Man. 

 Hopefully today I will stay awake for the 
entire movie.  Today I plan on seeing Uncharted. 
 What really caught my attention was the beautiful
 blue waters 💙.  Reason enough to see the movie. 
 Then there is Mark Wahlberg.  Enough said.

Yesterday was a cold day, but sun made it feel
 much warmer than it was.  I filled up the bird
 feeders and that was tricky  I slipped on
 the ice going down the slope 🤫

As tired as I felt, I just can’t nap during the 
day I really tried I even watched lots of television,
 a sure thing to put me to sleep, but no luck.

Bad days are the worst. From the moment
😪 that first thing goes wrong, it seems like 
everything else just goes downhill with it.

Busy day today so have to get an early start. 
 Another busy day tomorrow.  Where did the
 days go by??? 😩 February soon done.

For some reason yesterday evening was rough.
  Just out of the blues my mind wandered to my 
kitties in PR.  I try to not look at the hundreds of
 videos of them in my phone, but I couldn't help it.  

To all a good day and a happy start of the weekend.  
For many it's a three day weekend.  Enjoy.

Sometimes, bad days are there to remind us 
that we have good ones to look forward to...