Nov 25, 2022

Black Friday November 25th~

 BLACK FRIDAY: because only in America people 
trample each other for sales exactly one day after
 being thankful for what the already have..

The perfect sunset at the end of a very good day

There is no place I want to be right now than exactly where
 I am.   This is what Sniff feels about Black Friday, and I can't
 blame him either.  There is no way I want to go and be trampled on
 by a bunch of people waiting on lines for hours just to buy a TV.  

Truth be told, the deals are really good, and some places 
have been having Black Friday deals all month long.  I must 
say I have done some shopping.  Mostly online unless there is 
something Arvid wants.  He's not into the online thing.

Woke up early again.  Another trip to the doctors office. 
 Yup I'm living the life.  But in all seriousness, it could have 
been much worse.  Overall I am pretty fortunate.

Off we go!  The race for the best deals have begun.

I hope your Black Friday injuries aren't so severe that 
you can't click a mouse on CYBER MONDAY...