Nov 15, 2022

Tuesday November 15th ~

 Just feeling a little blue today.  Not sure why...just am.  Tomorrow 
I'll choose to be a different color.  But for today I'm a bit blue...

Somedays I just sit and remember.  Today I saw a little 
toy belonging to Brutus and one of Shadow's.  Sniff took turns 
playing with them.  In that instant I had a vivid memory of Brutus 
and Shadow.  It took me back to another time another place ❤.

I love my Sniff Sniff and I can't imagine what it would be
 like to not have him with us, but our Brutus took a part of
 me, and Shadow...little Shadow didn't deserve to die.

I've know that when you're feeling sad or a little down, 
your thoughts can take you to places you really don't
 want to go.  Does not make me unique in any way. 
 It's life and it happens to all of us.  Like it or not. 

I have a couple of doctor appointments today.  Hoping my 
surgeon will give me the go ahead so that I can go to a few other 
doctors that require her clearing me before I can do certain things.
Key Lime pie makes me feel better.  Food makes me happy.

You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye...