Nov 3, 2022

πŸ’ž Thursday November 3rd ~

Granddaughters, a beautiful reflection of yesterday, a joyful promise of tomorrow...

 As mentioned in a previous post, our youngest granddaughter, 
Amelia turned one year old on Halloween Day.  October 31st.
  That's her with her two other sisters, Aleah our eldest and Vanessa, 
granddaughter number 2.  If I'm having a "bad" day I look
 at them and I smile.  My day is suddenly brighter πŸ’ž. 

The removal of all the ruined boats and the salvaging of the
 "good" ones is taking longer than expected.  The problem is that
 there is not enough space in marinas to store these boats.  So many
 marinas were trashed by Hurricane Ian.  This boat has been 
in the same stop from day one.  We pass it on our walks.

I am amazed that I have had zero pain, zero bleeding after
 the surgery.  Seems too good to be true, but I am happy.  I really
 don't do much lifting with the left arm, so I figure I am almost
 healed.  Now the area of surgery 😲 sure looks wacked out.

To all a good day and may you always find something
 positive in each day.  I do and for that I am grateful.  It could have
 been worse.  Once again, I know someone is watching over me.

Challenges are what make life interesting and
 overcoming them is what makes life meaningful...