Nov 22, 2022

Tuesday November 22nd ~

 I never lost a game.  I just ran out of time...

And the days just keep getting busier and busier.  That is 
with soccer for Arvid.  My days are just busy with doctors appointments, 
and Sniff is busy watching games and napping.  Everyone is happy.

Three games a day.  I have to say that is definitely a full schedule.
  Arvid is already comfortable in front of the TV.  This of course 
gives me time to "sneak" off and do something random 😂

 My "randomness" for today will be a doctors visit and a
 scan of breast so that the doctors and pinpoint the exact position 
of my organs just to make sure radiation does not damage
 my heart for instance 😂  I get a new scan  before
 each treatment.  Treatment has not begun as yet.
The game was tied.  Not happy about that.  USA should
 have won. That being said, happy Tuesday to all.  Another 
soccer filled day for Arvid.  Boy is he happy ⚽.

It is during our darkest moments 
that we must focus to see the light...