Nov 29, 2022

Tuesday November 29th ~

 However difficult life may seem, there is 
always something you can do and succeed at...

I just don't feel good today.  For the last 10 days or so I have 
been experiencing discomfort,  Not pain just an annoying, constant
 discomfort on the breast that I had surgery on.  All clothing right
now is bothersome and at times it makes me very irritable.  I know,
 part of the healing process and it will get better.  But it sure is really
 uncomfortable.  It feels as if someone punched me in the ribs.  

There are days I am just tired at not being able to do all the things 
I want to do, but then I remind myself that it could have been worse. 
 Something simple as doing light weight (as in very light weights), is
 not allowed for 4-6 months.  Not a big deal, but today this irritated me.  
Go figure.  I guess today is not my day, but the day is still young.

When I feel a little "run down" I look at Sniff and I brush him. 
 He cheers me up without him even knowing he does.  Arvid
 always makes me laugh, and he does everything to make me
 feel better when I'm down.  I'm fortunate to have them.

Tuesday.  This month is just about over.  Looking forward
 to December.  Hopefully my treatment begins and I can get it 
over with by the New Year.  2023 definitely has to be better.

Find your focus by seeking all that is good in your life...