Nov 16, 2022

Wednesday Novmber 16th ~

 Don't rush the process.  Good things take time...

Yesterday I had two doctor's appointments.  One early in the 
morning and one early in the afternoon.  For some reason it took 
up most of the day between the getting there the waiting and then
 being seen.  I spent almost 7 hours between these two visits πŸ˜•

On the good side I am a fast healer and doing really well.
  I will begin taking the pill after I'm done with all my radiation
 treatments.  Looking at early 2023.  Can't complain.  

Arvid continues to stay busy watching boats being lifted
 out of the water.  He's getting restless and I can tell bored. 
 Says if we were in Branson he would have so much to do; but
 it is freezing cold right now in Branson.  That is keeping him
 from taking a trip there ⛄. I also miss Branson.  I actually enjoy the 
life we have there as well, and I look forward to returning next year.
  We have many friends there.  More than we have in Florida πŸ˜‚.

Already Wednesday.. Today we have a full day. 
 Arvid has no reason to be restless, neither do I.  Sniff
 on the other hand, well he is another story.

Wishing everyone a day filled with the promise of 
good things to come, and a reminder that there 
is always something to be grateful for.

Once you face your fear, nothing
 is ever as hard as you think...