Nov 1, 2022

Tuesday November 1st ~ πŸ’ž

You never know what worse luck 
your bad luck has saved you from...

As the new month begins, I think of all the good in my life. 
 All I have  to be grateful for and thankful.  I must have a πŸ™
few guardian angels always watching over me.  I never take
 anything for granted, even though at times I may not "remember"
 to always say thank you.  Everyday is a new lesson in life.

Yesterday I had breast surgery. According to my surgeon,
 she thinks all was removedπŸ™In about 2 weeks I get a report
 from the pathology department confirming this or not.  I'm sure 
it will be 100% good news.  After that I meet with 2 different 
doctors, different specialties to discuss treatment.  Step one,
 I won.  Not to tackle what comes next, and I'm ready.

As someone said, "I just want you to know something.
 I know a lot of women with breast cancer and they all have
 one thing in common……….They’re all still here

I may have Cancer once again, but as my doctors have told me, 
"it's treatable and not the worst to have."  Second time around 
with Cancer and both times the doctors have told me the same.  If you
 think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.

I wish everyone a great November.  The start of the holidays and 
family gatherings.  This is going to be a November to remember πŸ’•
Make beautiful memories with your cherished ones, everyday.

The winds and waves are always on 
the side of the ablest navigators...