Nov 26, 2022

Saturday November 26th_

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are…

Friday started out with an appointment to do another scan. 
I had to have an IV with iodine.  Called for a contrast CT scan. 
 The iodine part made me nauseous during the day, but it sure
 didn’t stop me from enjoying my food πŸ™ƒnot much does.

Yesterday USA played England in the FIFA World Cup.
 Of course I am going for USA.  Arvid England.  We had a bet. 
 Neither won, since it was a draw.  The USA though the 
didn't win sure gave England a run for their money.

I spent part of the day watching Christmas movies. 
Arvid and I watched one together the other night. Just light
 and funny. Not much substance but on the other hand 
you don’t have to concentrate much.  Sniff of course
 was sleeping with us the through out the movie.

On Fridays we have discovered a little place called 
Hideaway Sports Bar.  There is live music from 5:30 to 7:30. 
 Cool little place and it will become a little Friday hangout.  After
 that we walk around and there is always more music elsewhere 
and people just loving and enjoying life.  We are loving it.

Last night as we were listening to music there was this beautiful dog.  
He garnered more attention than anyone else.   Not a single
 person was able to resist touching him.  Me included.

I am very surprised at how much we are enjoying 
being in Fort Myers.  I am even more surprised that Arvid
 is really loving it as well.  I had thought we would miss 
Fort Lauderdale more.  So far we haven't.  

When I lived in Ft. Myers so many hears ago, I got tired 
of it because it was just to quiet for me, which at the time
 was the reason I had moved here.  It has changed so
 much from that time to now.  It's now a vibrant city.

Life is like a wave; sometimes we feel up and happy
 and some other times we feel down and sad. The important 
thing to remember is that we should not let the sad times 
overwhelm us and rob us of our positive energy...