Feb 17, 2023

Friday February 17th ~

Time heals what reason cannot... 

We finally made it to Fort Myers Beach.  It has been reopened 
for a while now to the general public.  As we drove by, I could
 not stop thinking of all the people who lost everything 
they had on that day Hurricane Ian struck the island.

This is what you see all the way.  Destruction and more destruction. 

For some there is nothing to be "picked up" or salvaged. 
 Many have walked away, and many businesses have moved to 
other locations.  Yes, the devastation is more than you can
 imagine or picture.  I was devastated by what I saw.

When I start to feel sorry for myself and to question things
 in my life,  I try to stop and I imagine what all the people who
 have lost everything in Hurricane Ian and in so many others disasters.
  I know I have absolutely NOTHING to whine or complain about.

For these families/businesses life as they once knew it is no longer. 
 Do they give up?  No, but the comeback will take a long time.

Arvid and I like most do not spend time thinking about this.  That is 
unless you are there seeing it.  After that it fades from your memory. 
 Faster for some.  For me it was devastating to see and it occupies a part 
of my mind.  I have so much "baggage" in me.  It's no wonder I lose
 focus at times as Arvid likes to say.  But, it's life and life happens.

For us it's another day.  Life is good to us and I am grateful.

They say time heals all wounds. Only, it doesn't. Time dulls
 the memory, it creates distance, and provides perspective...