Feb 7, 2023

Tuesday February 7th 🌴

Never let the fear of striking
 out keep you from playing the game...

 What a day yesterday.  Busy from the moment we woke up,
 but then the afternoon was much more relaxing.  Spent it 
with mom and dad and then we met Arvid and toured the 
downtown a bit.  Downtown is very small, and we like it. 

Of course we had to take mom to our favorite pit stop.
  You’d guessed it.  Downtown Pizza.  My dad did not come
 along which was disappointing because Arvid was all ready 
to take him to have a few cold ones.  As Nirvana
 would say, “it be like that sometimes.”

Mom and Arvid shopped downtown while I held the
 bags 🙄. Can’t believe Arvid went windows shopping. 
Of course he found something and after getting
 my approval that I also liked it, it was ours.

Today will be a lot more relaxing.  Thank goodness no
 long drives like the last few days.  We are both tired driving. 

This has been so far a perfect 2023, and the year
 is still young. Can’t wait to see what the next 
few months have in store for us.  Excited

  I’m happy and I’m grateful and yes, I have begun with
 doctors and everything is starting all over again.  I feel 
good and I know everything is going to be all right.

A good day to all.  Sniff is by my side right now and life is good. 
 Mornings are quiet peaceful time with just Sniff and I.

In order to write about life first you must live it..