Feb 9, 2023

Thursday February 9th ~

 Cherish every moment with those you 
love at every stage of your journey...

My dad is a very contented, laid back person.  So much 
so that sometimes it gets to me.  I need to remember that 
they are older and our lifestyle is a hectic one.  Not 
only for them but I think for all our families.

Arvid and I are fast paced.  I think for anyone it is a little too 
"fast paced."  Who knows maybe one day we will also slow
 down, but right now I really don't see that happening.

My mom likes to get out and do things, my dad not so much
 anymore.  He says he does whatever need to get done, but why 
should he run around all day.  He sure makes a good point. 
 I want to show my mom around and do so much with her.  
I really hope I am not wearing her out too much 😏.

Arvid and I had our walk yesterday.  It was just a beautiful day. 
 Both Arvid and I are now counting down the days until we leave
 for Branson.  Everyone in my family are amazed of how much 
we talk about Branson and how we look forward to going back.

A good day to all and a reminder we can all benefit from:
Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will
 be worth remembering every day of our lives 😜

I want to take all our best moments, put
 them in a jar, and take them out like cookies 
and savor each one of them forever...