Feb 2, 2023

Thursday February 2nd~

Laughter is brightest in the place where food is good...

 There is so much we would like to show and do with my sisters,  
but with a limited time schedule we try to do as much as possible 
and still find time to share laughter and catch up with our lives. 
 Family time can be hectic, but boy it sure is lots of fun.

Being raised in a Latin environment makes Cuban food a must.  
Basically Latins have the best tasting food.  Period.  Nothing really
 compares to Puerto Rican food, Cuban comes in on the top as well. 
 Ever since Arvid and I went to this Cuban restaurant, we both 
thought my family would love it.  We were not wrong.

With just a few days, we are trying our very best to "hit" a few spots
 with Rima before she has to leave.  She is after all my fun sister and like 
me wants to do everything possible in her stay.  I'm definitely game.

Yesterday was mani-pedi day for mom and Rima.  She's
 so busy with her backing business, she hardly has time to do 
much for herself anymore.  I'm so happy she has a few days "off" 
from baking.  Even so, she will make her tres leches for us.  Her
 suitcase was filled with goodies for us also.  I love her carrot cake.

After that we had Cuban food.  Everyone was very happy 
with their meal.  Then Rima and I walked around downtown for 
a bit and decided to do the happy hour thing.  She was treating,
 even better.  We then called Arvid who joined us.  He was 
very happy to be treated to happy hour as well.

After that we took her to the rooftop at Luminary Hotel.
I wanted to see the sunset.  It did not disappoint.  A few more drinks
 here and we were in very relaxed.  Arvid did not want to leave.

As he said to me, "Rima is relaxing to be with and she's a very 
happy person."  No truer words than those.  I love her very much.

Good morning everyone.  Hopefully next time we are at
 this rooftop, it will be with Victoria and Michael.  In Norway her
 little fur baby is going under anesthesia tomorrow for a tooth 
removal.  Please be kind and send them both good vibes.

Remember you can't reach what's in front of 
you until you let go of what's behind you...