Feb 10, 2023

Grateful Everyday ~ Friday February 10th

Looking back at my life’s voyage, I can 
only say that it has been a golden trip...

My mom keeps saying to me, "Please don't get sick Nad." 
 For some reason this always breaks my heart. I really don't 
want my mom worrying so much about me.  She is the person 
I admire most in this world.  Her strength and her capacity
 to love and give is like no other.  She's my best friend.

We have had many days together.  My dad usually prefers 
to stay in.  Mom and I want to go everywhere.  It's nice to have someone
 to do stuff with.  Girl stuff.  I will miss her so very much, but on the
 positive side we will be seeing them again in a couple of months.

Yesterday we we took them to our favorite Japanese Chinese 
restaurant in town.  Same place we took Rima and Nirvana last
 week.  Everyone loved it.  So far it has never disappointed.  

My dad has a weakness for ice cream and it seems so 
does Arvid.  Afterward dinner they treated us all to some very 
yummy ice cream.  Was another beautiful day spent together.

I have been awake since 2AM why?  I can't even begin to
 understand this myself.  It's Friday and I know by this afternoon
 I will be tired.  Hopefully Sniff and I can go back and get
 a few more hours of sleep.  We both need it badly.

A treasured memory is the lasting gift of time well spent...