Feb 23, 2023

Thursday February 23rd~

We go through our lives and things happen to us. 
Those experiences made me what I am...

 It's been a few months now that I have been experiencing really
 bad headaches.  I was convinced it was a side effect of one of
 the new medications I have stared to take.  part true and 
maybe part due to the fact that I needed an eye exam.

So yesterday I finally had an eye exam.  It's not as if 
I have not had one recently.  Unlike Arvid who probably 
had his last eye exam some ten years ago.  His motto is if 
it's not broken why fix it.  Definitely works for him😂It does 
not take too much to make Arvid happy.  Simple man 💙

I am in a good place.  My memories are always with me as
 is everyone's.  Brutus is always present in them.  Today I can
 think of him, smile and be grateful for the time we had with him.  
He's my baby and yes a tear here and there.  We do miss him so 
very much.  My Brutus took a piece of my heart and soul 
with him.  I will love him until the end of time.

Sniff is a huge part of my everyday happiness and happy place. 
 Having him around is the best medicine one would ever need.

Remember that sometimes not getting what
 you want is a wonderful stroke of luck...