Feb 25, 2023

Saturday February 25th ~

All we get is time and choice.  Be wise with both...

You can choose to go listen to Jesus man, or you can choose to go to the rooftop. 
 The choice is yours and you can imagine what ours would be.  Either way, there
 is something for everyone downtown Fort Myers.  I am still getting a kick
 out of Jesus and his preaching.  He did try to preach to Arvid, let's just 
say colorful language was used, and it did not come from Jesus.

We have one more Music Walk and one more Art Walk before
 we leave for Branson.  I asked Arvid if he was going to miss it 
here and he said, "not right away."  There is a lot to do in Branson
 when we get there, that's an understatement if there was any.

After several attempts to have Max and Kelsey over by us, 
which for many reasons never worked out, we have decided to 
take them out instead.  Works well for all of us, and best of 
all I do not have to cook nor clean.  Everyone is happy.

The choices that we make in life alter the course of our lives. 
Sure, there are the mundane little choices we make each day
 that don’t cause much of a ripple overall, but it’s important to 
be aware of all the choices we are making and to consider
 the consequences that these actions (or inactions) make.

I am not know to always make the best of choices, but I
 eventually learn my lesson.  At times it takes me a while but I
 like to think that I eventually end up doing what I consider the 
right thing.  What's right for me may not be the same for you.

Yesterday we had a little trip to the Swap Shop.  Of course 
we had to stop at our spot for a little cold one.  Same place we
 took my mom and dad when they were here.  Arvid always 
wants me to send a picture.  Either to the Norwegian 
gang or this time to my parents.  I reluctantly do it.

A good day to all.  I really wish I could send some of the heat
 your way.  It's the days are extremely hot in Southwest Florida 🌞

Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about...