Feb 4, 2023

Saturday February 4th ~

 Often people who criticize your life are usually the same
 people who don't know the price you paid to get where you are...

Yesterday we had another full day.  Nirvana claims she 
came here to relax not to be running around all day long, but 
she did go along with it.  Rima, Arvid and I just were happy to be
 "running" along all day.  Nina asked me, "don't you ever get tired."

Nina is also here, but yesterday she and David were 
in Orlando with our parents for the viewing of my cousin.  
Nina is a good girl.  Very family oriented and very kind.
  She was here with us all on Thursday.  Was a good day

  Boy was that place a madhouse 😂.  Rima made us all 
tres leches, and the carrot cake she brought with her from 
Virginia mom made a ton of food.  Poor Arvid, on Thursday
he was a little overwhelmed.  Just too much for him.

Yesterday was a full day.  We had a really good time. 
 February, start of my doctors appointments again.  I have to
 make sure all is going well because pretty soon we will be heading 
back to Branson.  Something we sure are looking forward to.

Saturday.  A few soccer games for Arvid.  There is so many
 things going on around us that Arvid said to me, "I am so 
busy trying to keep track of all the happenings around us."  
Yes, we are really happy with Fort Myers being home.

Good morning and a good day to all.  Next time family
 visits us, they will be coming all the way from Norway🎈

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise.
 It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us...