Feb 27, 2023

Monday February 27th~

Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters,
 disease. But out of those situations always arise stories 
of ordinary people doing extraordinary things...

 My so called “vacation” from doctors has come to an end.  
The next few weeks will be busy.  My visits, tests, scans 
begin as of tomorrow 🤐. I just find it to be a huge
 inconvenience even if I know they are necessary.

Yesterday we once again went to FMB (Fort Myers Beach). 
 Once again I was left in awe at all the damage and destruction 
that was done.  There was one spot on the beach that 
has become some sort of a memorial for so many.

 To me and to all that were gathered there it spoke volumes. 
 Not a single person was dry eyed.  Just seeing this,
 a chair, a coffee mug, remnants of everyday life.
 It was too much.  Heartbreak is what is felt.

  I guess I am a softie after all, even though I pretend to be hard core. 
 It touched me to the core.   Loss is something I can relate to. 
It’s just another chapter in one’s life.  What a sad chapter.

Restaurants are opening up. One by one and they are crowded. 
People are everywhere you go.  One of the gift shops reopen a 
few weeks ago, but had no electricity, but everyone in there was 
pleasant and positive. We ate at Snug Harbor.    Great drinks
 and good food.  Yes it was also packed with people 🤗.

We walked around a bit.  We hope that Fort Myers Beach 
will rebuild and be even better because it is a beautiful spot.
People were happy and grateful to be back in business. 

 I spoke to several business owners and workers in different stores.
  Their stories were similar.  One lady said to me, ”I lost my home
 and my business in Sanibel.” Then she said to me, “I will rebuild.” 

 She was grateful because today she has a job and a place to live in. 
  Unlike so many affected by Hurricane Ian.   Businesses are totally gone.  
Buildings gone. Many have built up whatever they can and even if their 
 have to work out of a food truck or a little kiosk, they have restarted.  
Little by little, piece by piece one rebuilds.  One starts over again.

Reading about it is one thing seeing it is a totally different thing. 
We had a good day. It was emotional for me in so many ways.
 I thought of my sister and nephew living in Puerto Rico
 during Hurricane Maria. Not good thoughts at all.

I still can’t imagine what they went through, but I have a better
 understanding of the devastation and the despair they must have felt.😢
We have a home,  a comfortable place where we are safe  many don’t. 
 Once again my heart is heavy. A new week begins.  So many of us do
 not realize that what we take for granted many are praying for.

Even with all our technology and the inventions that make
 modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one
 big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us 
that, here on Earth, we're still at the mercy of nature...