Nov 27, 2023

New Week ~ Monday November 27th

If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one...

So far this is a quiet week as far as doctors appointments go.
  November is soon over and we have already been back two months
 now in Florida.  Loving it.  Loving it.  I hope we never move again. 
 Sniff loves his spots in the sun, on the other hand in Branson he 
also loved all his spots. He's just a very happy boy.

The fog is still lingering around.  Makes for an interesting morning.

Our week begins with hopes that F23 lays another egg.  What 
can I say I am also hooked on these two bald eagles just like
so many all over the world and of course the nation 🦅

Life is the only game which has no pause, no resume and no restart...