Nov 26, 2023

Sunday November 26th~

 May we live in interesting times...

The last few days the sky has been interesting 
to say the least.  Luckily I was able to capture some
 and some was captured by the local news.

Branson 2017, our start at Almost Home Lodge and at the time 
76 Inn.  Arvid had the reins at 76 Inn and I at Almost Home.  To this day 
Almost Home is like my baby and I always be there when needed.

Yesterday we did not make it downtown.  I was awake at 3am
 so by 6pm I was exhausted and had no desire to go downtown.  A 
slice of pizza did not even entice me.  Arvid was also okay with that.  
I guess he watched too many soccer games and was worn out 😂

Once again the fog is rolling in.  Morning fog will bring afternoon sunshine.

My body may be tired, but my soul is energized...