Nov 2, 2023

Thursday November 2nd ~

If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long
 journey, most of us would never start out at all...

A little soccer and relaxation planned for the day.  Catch up
 on my book.  I always enjoy time spent reading.  When Arvid is 
restless and not much to do he washes the car.  Says, he just 
"can't sit around all day."  I can see him from my office.

I'm happy because it's a day without a doctors appointment. 
 Thursdays are usually my no-cook days but we are living on the edge 
and we had our no-cook day yesterday.  I can't eat any restaurant
 food while on this low iodine diet so after lunch we went to the
 mall for a little outing and check out what's new in the stores.

Sniff is relaxing as usual.  Living the life of the pampered.
 I have been going through pictures.  Deleting and deleting.  
Every so often I do stop at one and flashback to the many 
adventures Arvid and I shared.  And it's sure not over.

It was a very special time for us, and no regrets the day
 we stopped going.  We had  five plus good years in Mexico

Looking back we have definitely changed.  Life sure has
 had it's ups and downs, but we continue to live each day with 
zest and with a passion to never take anything for granted. 

Tulum 2013.  Not far from where we lived in Mexico.

Arvid and I exploring the caves, or Cenotes as they are known
  in Mexico.  Tulum has beautiful beaches and many caves.

It is always interesting to take a look back and see how far 
we have come.  Back in 2013, Brutus was alive.  We lived in
 Fort Lauderdale and part time in Mexico.  We had no idea that in 
a few years life would take us to another adventure in Missouri.

Enough looking back today.  It's always a good time, 
but life moves forward.  A good day to all and may you never
 lose the excitement of enjoying the simple things in life.

Sometimes it's the journey that teaches
 you a lot about your destination...