Nov 5, 2023

What Grief Looks Like ~

My mind knows that you are gone, but my heart
 will never accept it.  I miss you so much...

 If grief had a face, this would be what it looked like. Eight
 years today without you.  We love you and think of you so very often.  
Dada wrote this song for us back in 2016.  He loved you with all his
 heart Brutus.  Your picture is on his nightstand.  He requested it.

Last night as we laid in bed, just a few words were said.  They
 were, "tomorrow Brutus would have been dead for eight years." 
 Both of us were quiet for the rest of the night before falling
 asleep.  It took me too long before the tears stopped.

And if you've never felt your soul being torn apart
 you've never loved anyone with all your heart...