Nov 13, 2023

New Week ~

f something gives you a thrill, it gives you a sudden
 feeling of great excitement, pleasure, or fear...

 Not much but doctors appointments happening this week.
  A total of five appointments in four days.  I'm so ready to
 get this over with and end with the low iodine regimen.

Monday and Tuesday I have an IV infusion.  Wednesday
 I take the iodine pill.  Thursday I have off.  Friday blood 
work and body scan follows.  Come Friday evening
 I am sure looking forward to a slice of pizza.

Hope your week is also looking good.  My excitement is 
bubbling because I can see the "end" of this week happening 
fast.  Next week I'll deal with the ones that are coming.

To all a good week.  Live and enjoy the now.  It is more 
exciting to live an uncertain life that it is to live a boring
 certain life. Life is adventurous and exciting because you 
never know where you will be in a few minutes or so.

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming,
 we lose the excitement of possibilities...