Nov 7, 2023

Tuesday November 7th ~

 Go confidently in the direction of your dreams...

I woke up early again.  My thoughts snuck away to Branson
 and my wildlife.  I really miss them more than anything 
else in Branson.  The made my days so much better.

Yesterday Arvid has his yearly physical un protest.  He's not 
one to g to doctors, but at least once a year he has to go just to make 
sure his prescriptions are renewed.  Every time we go he asks the 
doctors to him him a 5 year supply.  Just so he does not have to make
 the annual visit.  Every year he's denied that😂  I wonder why?

Arvid is Arvid.  Like all physicals he will be get blood work 
to check his cholesterol levels.  Unlike everyone else, he says
 he does not care about that so he will have his breakfast no matter 
what.  He says why should he skip breakfast just so the doctors
 can tell him he's healthy.  He's having none of that.  He's my
 Arvid all right.  According to him it's one big scam.

I continue to truck along with my low iodine diet.  As mentioned
 before I carry everything I need to eat a salad except for the 
lettuce.  I carry my own cucumbers, carrots, fruit, nuts, corn,
 protein, dressing and seasonings.  So far I can't complain.

Sniff is just happy as can be.  He has so many sleeping places. 
 Right now he's on his heating bed.  We had it in Branson for him 
for those cold winter days.  Suddenly he seems to think it's a bit 
chilly again here in Florida, so he's nice and toasty on it.

Arvid's physical went well.  Didn't expect anything less. 
 The doctor said he was in the best shape of anyone his age or
 younger that he's ever treated.  Arvid was super happy with his doctor 
and once again he gave his famous "speech"  "We're never moving
 again.  We no have everything in place here in Fort Myers."  I've
 heard this about once every 2 years.  It's been a year already

A very good day to all and as Frank Sinatra said, "The big lesson
 in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.

Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life...