Sep 13, 2013

2 Birthdays...

And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts.
It's the life in your years.
Happy Birthday Nirvan and Sachin....

Today our family celebrates two birthdays.  
The first is my sister Nirvana's.  She is the third of five girls.  Yes we are lucky.
My parents had five girls and our lives has always been one adventure after another.

Sachin, my nephew also celebrates his 12th birthday today.  Yes, he was born
exactly two days after disaster struck NY.  Two days after 9-11.  From that 
day on our world became a better place even as tragedy struck.  

When you are little you do not really fully understand the relationship between sisters.
You know it's there.  You know that you will always have someone
when you need a shoulder to cry on or to comfort you.  As we have gotten older,
we have come to realize what a beautiful friendship we also have.  As sisters
there is no one that can come between us.  We may be separated by distance, 
but our hearts, souls and minds are always connected.

I may not be close to either in distance, but they are never far from me.
I try to always stay in touch with all my nieces and nephews either
text, emails and of course phone calls.  I am also fortunate to be able 
to talk with my sisters regularly.

To know Sachin is to love him.  I am thinking of him and right away a smile
comes to my face.  The boy is just a flurry of movement.  From the time 
he was a baby to now he has never stopped questioning things.  As a baby he loved
his dinosaurs.  He knew the names of everyone of them and everything about them. He and his
sister are what I would call a walking Encyclopedia.  Anything you want to know they know.

I consider myself a lucky person because I know my nephew loves me.
He knows I love him as well with all my heart.  He also knows his uncle Arvid loves
him and thinks he is one pretty cool kid.  As for my sister it goes without
saying that I love her.  Plain and simply put. I would do anything for her and for
any of my sisters.  She is my friend and someone I can share anything with.
I hope she also knows that I am always here for her and that she just has to say
the word and I will be there if she needs me.

Yes, we are sisters by birth, friends by choice.

Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship within the family,
but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the STRONGEST