Sep 29, 2013

Hello Sunday...

It's been quite a while since Arvid and I went to a concert.  Ever since his surgery and blood
 clot life has taken on a different pace.  To be expected.  The first few monts were more of 
a stay at home thing.  Slowly we started to do a little more and a little more.  Last night we went 
to a concert in Miami.  We went to Magic City Casino a place we have been to before for concerts.

We went to see a group called  Blues Traveller.  I have heard of them, from Arvid of course.
He has been wanting to see this group for a very long time.  Of course as soon as he saw their
 names he said, "we are going to a concert tomorrow".  I said sure.  The music
was not exactly what he had in mind, but nevertheless, it was still good.  There were
three young kids, and I mean young (8-12 years).  They were VERY into the music.
Was nice to see them jump and clap and scream as the band played.

Blues Traveler is a rock band, formed in Princeton, New Jersey in 1987. The band's 
music covers a variety of genres, including blues-rock, psychedelic rock, folk rock, 
soul, and Southern rock.  When Arvid listens to the Blues, he is an altogether different 
person.  For him a life without music is not much of a life.  Contagious.

Later on today we will be meeting up with some friends at our favorite restaurant.  Kaluz.
Ever since we took them there, it has also become one of their favorites.  Don't
blame them.  It's our favorite as well.

This has been a good week.  All our favorite shows on TV have started.
No need to tell you Arvid is in heaven.  He as you know watches any and
 everything, but now that our regular series have begun, even better.

Time to catch up on a few Sunday routines and then to relax, and enjoy the day.
Wishing you all interesting time and always remember do not spend
too much time just earning a living.  Take time to enjoy and live life.

Ask yourself what's really important
and live without regrets...