Sep 12, 2013

Beautiful Sunset...

Life is a walk to remember. Our tomorrows are determined by the steps we take each day.
 Every sunset gives us one day less to live but every sunrise gives us one day more to hope.
 So savor every step and live it well. Because God walks with us every step of the way...

I could not resist taking a few pictures as I watched the sun go down yesterday.
It was just incredible and it made the perfect setting for a beautiful evening that followed.

Theses last few days there have been amazing sunsets and sunrises and I am always 
ready to capture them. Seems as if the rain washes away the dust of the day
and leaves us with just awesomeness. Last night even Arvid could not resist coming 
out to the balcony and admiring the sky.  Brutus also wanted a little peek, but because 
of his paw we did not want to bring him out just in case there was something that could hurt him.

I enjoy watching the sunrise with Brutus and the sunsets with Arvid. 
 Perfect any way you put it.  

Wishing you all beautiful sunsets and sunrises each and everyday. 

There is nothing like the awesomeness of nature
to quiet our minds, renew our souls and heal our hearts...