Sep 1, 2013

Happy Sunday...

Sunday Morning is like having the week's slate wiped clean 
so that I can start again...

Starting off the the morning as usual with Brutus and the perfect glow of the
sunrise.  Cup of coffee in hand, some quiet moments and then time to wake 
Arvid and begin our day.  Usually Sundays are our relaxing days.  This is the 
day Arvid calls his family and gets to spend some quality time with them on the phone.
Always nice to talk to family and to catch up on what has been going.  Relaxing moments.

I consider Sundays my no cook day.  Usually I cook the rest of the week, unless 
we are on the road or doing chores out; so come Sunday I look forward
to no cooking, no washing and no hassles!  If only all were true :)  Today 
depending on Arvid's Soccer game will see where we go.  An always favorite is 

Kaluz.  Walking distance from us with excellent food and views.  The weather 
has been iffy lately.  Thunderstorms, lightening and just dark clouds.
The whole purpose of going to Kaluz is to be able to sit out doors, so will see.

Whatever your day holds, make the most of it. If you like many, you
are enjoying a 3 day weekend, have fun, relax and party on
and don't forget to appreciate the beauty around you.  For many this is
also another weekend full of exciting "SAVINGS" at the stores!!!
See you there I guess!

Appreciate the many things that make your life so valuable, and
don't wait for the ideal time to start something,
that time to live is now....