Sep 28, 2013

One Of Those Days...

See the glass half full,
then fill it the rest of the way...

Sometimes when we are over exhausted or very stressed we tend to let our emotions 
rule over us.  I know I do as was the case of yesterday.  I was tired and 
not really in the mood for much.  Arvid was his usual cheery person, not
much gets to this man.  That is one (of his many) of the qualities I love.

It was not really a big deal.  It's just that I was looking at Brutus and saw his
paw was far from getting better.  This has been bothering me even more this
past week.  For a moment I just had it with everything.  I was just fed up and 
just wanted to go someplace where everything was just right.  No such place exists.

But like always, after every major storm there is the calm, and I calmed down.
I know that there is no use to fight against what just is and will be.  I 
try, I struggle always with it, but in the end I know that we have to move on and 
deal with it.  Deal with it we do, but sometimes I wish there was more that I can do
to make things better for everyone.  Just not happening.  At least I can count on
Arvid for always being optimistic even to the point of being unrealistic at times.
I am the reality check in this relationship.  I like to deal with things, Arvid likes 
to believe everything is OK and if it's not then it will miraculously get better...

Well its Saturday.  A new day.  New expectations and from the looks of
it, I am sure it is going to be a great one.  As usual Brutus and I are awake
early as Arvid rests his little head and catches up on some more sleep.

Good morning everyone.  Smile for a new day!
Remember positive minds live positive lives!

The pessimist complains about the winds,
the optimist expects it to change,
the realist adjusts the sail...