Sep 5, 2013


The simple things are also the most extraordinary things,
and only the wise can see them...

With the rain came a perfect sunrise.  Good morning to a new day!

We have been quite lucky lately.  Though we have been having rain everyday,
most of it has been early early in the mornings so by the time we are ready
to head out and do whatever needs to be done the rain is gone and we are left 
with just a beautiful day.  Won't lie, it is VERY hot and extremely humid.

This morning I woke up smiling.  I was thinking of something someone said to me.
Just three words and for some reason I find them to be extremely heart-
warming.  We were talking about children and she said to me, "he loves me"
this was in reference to a little boy who just loves her to death.  For some reason 
I keep thinking of these three words and as far as I a concerned they mean
more than all the gold, diamonds and money in the world.  All I know is
that she is a lucky girl because when a child loves you you know you 
have done something right.

At that moment it reminded me of my nieces and nephews.  I know without
doubt that they also love me, and of course they know that I will love them for 
always!  I think that when a person can say that so and so loves them 
that in itself is a great accomplishment, especially when those that love them are kids.

We may not have all have children of our own, but we have the love of the 
little ones around us and in our case, we also have the love our our kitties. 
Wishing you all a beautiful day and remember, wisdom never ages.

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting 
happiness from common things...