Sep 25, 2013


Never let the things you want make 
you forget the things you have...

Talking to my parents and to my sisters yesterday, they all tell me that fall is
already in the air.  They already feel the chill of winter approaching..

This is when I am happy to be living in the warmer Florida climate. 
There was a time I lived in New York and though I love the city, I
never got used to the freezing winters.  I hated to be bundled up in so many layers 
of clothing.  I love the fact that here in Florida we can always wear summer clothes.

Or go to the beach all year long (this though, we never do).  Another good thing
is that we can drive the car top down all winter long.  If we so wish.
Chicago is another city we both love.  I think it has become our favorite
city, but there they also have very harsh winters.  One of the reasons we only
lived there in the summers.  Yes, I feel fortunate to be able to have
warm climate all year long.  Many, like my sisters and parents love the change of 
seasons and they enjoy the winters.   Arvid, Brutus and I not at all!  We like warm.

 My parents and two sisters at one time called Florida home.  Today they unfortunately
 no longer live here and seem to be happier in their new States.  The good thing is that since
we have a "spare" house, my parents visit every year and enjoy some of the
Florida sunshine also.  Yes, I am grateful and happy with our life.

Wishing you all a good day and never forget to ask yourself,
:what are you grateful for today?  You'd be surprised.

Gratitude is a habit of the heart...