Sep 19, 2013

Wet Days...

When it rains on your parade look up rather than down
without the rain there would be no rainbow...

Living in Florida means wet summers and this year it seems like the skies 
are opening up even more than usual or maybe because we are here and not in 
Chicago makes it seem like rain all the time when in reality it is just a normal rainfall.

Whatever it is, I don't mind the rain.  Yesterday I had quite a few things to 
do and of course each meant getting in and out of the car several times.  Goes
without saying that by the time I was done I was also soaking wet.

Being wet does not bother me one bit.  I like the rain.  What I don't
like is that my handbag and all my gadgets will also get wet.  I have several
umbrellas in the car, but do you think I carry any with me?  Nope, and every time I 
need one it is of course in the trunk.  By then I figure I might as well make a run for it.

Rain makes everything look beautiful and clean afterwards.  Even Brutus is no longer 
afraid of the constant pounding of the raindrops on the sliding doors.  He now finds it 
fascinating and tires to catch the drops.  Very cute watching him struggle with that.

The best thing is that after the rain comes the rainbow.  Perfect and beautiful.  
It is a reminder that things will better if we give it a chance and
if we believe strongly enough.  Remember, you can't have
a rainbow without a little rain.

Wishing you all a day filled with all things nice.  Rain or shine
there is always something to be happy about.

Anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness has
never danced in the rain...