Sep 27, 2013


You have to fight some of the bad days 
 to earn some of the best days of your life....

Here is to another successful work week and to the start of the weekend.
If you are like us, you probably also look forward to Fridays.  It just seems that 
once Friday comes along one tends to get a bit more relaxed and less tense.  In this case,
it is always true for both Arvid and I.  Don't know what it is, but during the week we are always 

in a constant rush.  Mostly Arvid.  The man is constant movement.  Wears me out!

Hope you have all had a good work week so far.  We have been keeping busy 
and that's always good.  A few soccer games in the middle of the day makes
for a happy Arvid, especially when Barcelona wins.  Yep, the man loves his soccer.

As for Brutus, he has not had the best of weeks.  His paw is once again
more swollen than usual and he has been bleeding quite a bit.  Even so he 
plays non-stop and is full of energy all day long.  Even he wears me out :)

Swollen or not, Brutus is always in the center of everything and he loves
it.  If Arvid steps out of the apartment for a few minutes, Brutus sits and waits 
patiently for him to get back home while I sit and enjoy a skinny girl Margarita.

Brutus after all approved!  Whatever it is your weekend holds, attack it with 
enthusiasm.  Remember nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Let's take the good times as they go,
and I'll meet you further up the road...