Sep 11, 2013

Another Good Day Ahead...

Everyday is a second chance,
and beautiful love stories should happen everyday...

Wednesday is already here.  Once again Brutus and I are awake enjoying our
beautiful sunrise while Arvid catches up on some more sleep.

Though a little windy, it is a gorgeous morning with the sun glowing orange on
the Intracoastal.  Relaxing to sit with Brutus and just see the day coming alive.
Last night the newscaster said, "a new tropical storm is making it's way,
it is currently somewhere in Aftica so we have nothing to worry about,
but just in case be prepared for the worst". 

Yes, we have had some rain, but this is after all South Florida.  Summertime
in Florida means rain and for those who live here it is also hurricane time,
but I think the news people do tend to exaggerate when nothing is really happening.
Gives them something to talk about.  I think it's a Florida thing.

Does not matter.  Arvid and I still do our thing and always have a good time
at it, after all that's all that matters.

Wishing you all good times today and everyday.  Remember,
everyday is a new beginning to get thing right.

Be nice.
Be cool.
Be happy.