Sep 24, 2013

Just A Regular Day...

In between all your goals, priorities, obligations, and everything 
else that might appear on one of your upcoming to-do lists,
 there are moments called life that still have to be lived and enjoyed...

These days with our busy lifestyles, we all like anything that will help us make 
our lives easier and simpler.  I know that I for sure do.  Like everyone, clean,
I cook and do all the chores that comes with everyday life.  Sometimes, I 
really wish there was magical way of making things happen without much 
effort especially when it comes to housework.  

That not being the case, it is nice then to find out that there are ways to 
get things done without having to wear yourself out.  For instance,
I spend lots of time cleaning the showers and baths, yet it is never as shiny 
as I want.  Could also be that I am not as good a cleaner as I think, but that's 
for another time.  Yesterday I found out a simple way to clean shower hardware
and to make it shiny in just a few minutes.  

Look at  the before and after picture. Here you can see the transition and best,
does not take long to do.  I for one am happy about this.  Saves me
from buying those sprays which in reality do almost nothing and
I am sure they are causing harm to my lungs.  This method is safer, simpler 
and definitely cheaper.  Save you time to do something more fun or to 
do some other household chore.  Either way you look at it it's good.

It's already Tuesday.  Monday was a very long day.  With so many little
things to do and to take care of seemed as if the day would stretch on 
forever.  Then came a horrible thunderstorm with lightning like
I have never seen before.  

Brutus who is normally a little used to 
thunder was petrified. Took hours before he came out from under the bed.  
Arvid was a bit exhausted and without knowing he fell asleep on the sofa.
  Not something he would admit to nor something he ever does.

Claims that Brutus woke him up way too too early and he was unable to go back to sleep.
  For Arvid the worst thing is to wake up early.  Then according to him his entire day 
gets messed up. I'm thinking it could have also been a few beers too many yesterday.
Seeing him this tired always makes me want to comfort him and makes me love him 
even more.  When Arvid is at his most vulnerable is when I find him the
most appealing and the most wonderful man of all.  Yes, I love him.

It's Tuesday, so let's all have a good day and make the most 
of each moment.

Do not think that love in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary.  
What we need is to love without getting tired...