May 8, 2014

Back In Mexico...

Taking time to do nothing
often brings everything into perspective...

Back to a place we call almost paradise.  For the next few days we will 
be waking up to the sound of the ocean, to birds singing and boats taking off all the time. 
 Having coffee in the mornings on the balcony is something I look forward to and also to 
see the crowds passing by and listen to the music coming from the party boats.  Life is good!

After months of doctors and surgeries we finally get a few days to relax by ourselves.
Arvid has been looking forward to this trip since February, unfortunately at that time
we could not make it due to my two surgeries.  Now things are better and this is the first
opportunity we have had to get away.  For the next few days there will be no doctors!!!

For now, we are going to do absolutely nothing, but relax.
Wishing you all the same and may you also live in
interesting times.

Today is a good day for dreaming.
My energy is low and that's always
 a good time to relax, dream and re-energize.
Just relax, everyone around you is working too hard....