May 18, 2014

Lazy Sunday....

I relax and enjoy life. 
I know that whatever I need to know is
revealed to me in the perfect time and space sequence...

Not sure what the day holds as yet, but that's the nice thing about Sundays.
Nothing on our agenda so we get to just go with the flow and do as we want 
whenever it best suits us.  During the weekdays we follow a "schedule"  as far as 
time for breakfast, lunch and what to do workhorse, but not so today.  Everything is open.

As usual, on Sundays Arvid calls his family.  Catch up day for all.
I have no specific day to call mine.  Have already spoken to them,
but Arvid and his have a routine and it works good for all. 

Him talking to his family.  He needs to be as he says, "in the right frame of mind"

Last night we met with some new friends.  I met an English lady one day
while doing my manicure and of course I started chatting with her.  Before you knew
it we were exchanging numbers.  She and her husband are from New York, but come to
Fort Lauderdale often for business.  She is an interior designer and him a French businessman.

Before we were going Arvid says to me, "what do we do if we don't hit it off?
How shall we "escape"?  I said to him, "that is never going to happen because I
know me and I can talk to any and everyone."  Happens all four of us hit it off and
we ended up spending almost 5 hours together.  You can say it went well!

Time to start on breakfast and to get the Sunday into action. 

Well as you know yesterday Brutus was 8 years old.  He had a great day.  
Had too much catnip and was a happy camper all day long.  He just had
some leftovers catnip so now he is already taking his first of many naps.

Wishing you all a good day.

Taking time to do nothing
often brings everything into perspective...