May 15, 2014


Home where the happiest memories are made....

Nothing beats coming home no matter how good a time you're having
or how beautiful the place is.  Coming home sleeping in your own bed and being 
around your own familiar surroundings is the best.  Seeing Brutus all happy and excited 
as we open the door is PRICELESS!  I'm starting to think that vacation is best at home.

We came home to a very happy Brutus and to a beautiful full moon.
Same moon we were seeing just a day ago in Mexico.  Now seems so far away.

Going to Mexico is an easy process.  We clear customs and are out within a half
an hour.  Last night and the times before, clearing customs in Fort Lauderdale took us 
close to 2 hours.  This was two hours standing in lines.  There was approximately over 
1,000 people waiting.  In Mexico was the same or more and we did it in about half an hour.

Of course during this process I made friends with a few people and spent the time
talking to them.  One was a young girl from Europe who was trying to get on a connecting
plane.  Like many others she missed her flight and the worse part of it was that she was feeling
sick and even so the security people did not care nor did they let her nor the others go ahead of the line.

Back home it's all nice and familiar again.  Brutus and I are awake early as usual.
Today even earlier than usual since he was begging for me to come out and brush him.
Now he has been brushed for quite some time and he is running lie a mad kitty all over.

Yes, going on vacation is nice.  Being home is the best.
Good morning everyone.   Hope you are also going 
to be having a good day like we will.
Busy, but we are home again.

A happy home is one in which each spouse grants 
the possibility that the other may be right,
 though neither believes it...