May 14, 2014

Good Times...

There is no mile as long the final one that leads back home...

Soon we will be home again.  Our favorite place in the whole world.
As I watch the sunrise and see the daily routines begin, I look back at the good
 times we have had, again and share with you some of those moments via pictures.

Our most favorite time is spent on the balcony where even Arvid reads "gossip"

Excellent time to enjoy one of my homemade smoothies.

Scenic walks.

Taking time to enjoy the the locals and their ways.

Even took time to enjoy the pool.

And always time for the dolphins.

Another trip is soon done.  Soon we will be home with Brutus.
As always, we have relaxed and had a good time.  All ready to 
rumble again in the big city.

 Home is where we are going..where we belong.
 Home is where Brutus is.

Home is where our story begins...