May 10, 2014

Play Del Carmen..

Life is short, time is fast, no replay, no rewind.
So enjoy every moment you can...

Hot as hell, but we braved it and went for an outing into town. 
 Playa del Carmen is a city located along the Caribbean Sea in the state of Quintana Roo 
in Mexico.   It is a popular tourist area in eastern Mexico.  Originally a small fishing town, 
tourism to Playa del Carmen began with the passenger ferry service to Cozumel an 
island across  the Cozumel Channel and world famous scuba diving destination.

Going into town is not Arvid's idea of fun.  he would much rather stay in 
Puerto Aventuras, this is where our condo is, and sit on the balcony and just
observe people in their daily activities.   Like my dad, Arvid has named quite a few 
of the passerbys.  We see them all the time and now thanks to him they have a name.

He's fascinated with one in particular.  A short round little guy he has nicknamed
Bullet.  Bullet rides a bicycle and collects the garbage.  Bullet is a character because 
everyday after collecting the garbage he hop onto the boat, scavenges around for food
and drinks.  According to Arvid he always finds both.  Yesterday for instance,
 he did not find any food  nor beers, but he found some hand soap
so he filled up a bottle put it in his pocket and rode away.

We also watch the boats load and unload passengers, 
stock up for the day and we also are treated to music from the boats.  I enjoy
going into the town of Playa del Carmen even when it's hot.  So much happening.

One of the main reasons this time was to find some special batteries for my camera.
Unfortunately something is wrong with it.  Hopefully it can be repaired.  After a lot
of walking around we found the battery, but the camera still does not work.  We also
found lots of stores for me to visit and do some shopping while Arvid hovered around.

Thank goodness for happy hour.  Kept someone occupied.
Every evening we stroll around our surroundings.  
Beautiful all the time and the sunsets are one of a kind.

Gorgeous sunset by the restaurants in Puerto Aventuras.

Wishing you all a good day and happy times.

Enjoy every moment you have because in life
there are no rewinds.  Only flashbacks...